Our dedicated team can deliver bulk materials right to your home! Bulk materials include Soil, Mulch and Stone (Sold by the cubic yard/scoop). Save money on big projects and give your yard a quick rejuvenation.

Smucker Gardens offers bulk delivery up to 15 miles from 1677 State Route 209, Millersburg, PA.

Delivery Pricing:

1-10 Miles: $40.00/trip

10-15 Miles $60.00/trip


Smucker Garden’s Screened Topsoil – from our property $38.00/yd

Mushroom Soil – compost from mushroom bi-product $25.00/yd


Black Dyed Mulch $36.00/yd

Brown Dyed Mulch $36.00/yd

Playground Mulch – Soft Landing/Undyed $36.00/yd

Natural Dye-Free Mulch $32/yd


¾” Glacier Pebble – tans/grays pebble $99.00/yd

2B Pocono River Stone – $95.00/yd

1-3″ Pocono River Stone – $90/yd

2”-4” Ocean Stone – creams/white stone $99.00/yd

Garden Center

Our brand new 31,000 square foot Garden Center and Greenhouse is now open! Not only are we proud to offer our customers high-quality products, but our educated team also includes a certified Horticulturist! Smucker Gardens is here to ensure our customers feel confident and informed every step of the way.

From seeds to compost, house plants to décor, there is something at Smucker Gardens for every gardener!

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Family-owned and operated for over 25 years, we proudly welcome you to meet those of us who are already “one of the family.”

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