Houseplants 101

Tips from Martha’s Garden

Houseplants are the best way to spruce up your home or begin your plant and gardening journey. There are many plants to choose from, and they all have unique needs. It can easily become overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In this article we’ll show you the best plants to start your collection and how to care for each of your new little friends.

Your Houseplant Starters

The first and probably easiest plant to welcome into your home is the snake plant. Snake plants are extremely low maintenance and need very little attention. You will not have to water very often as they can go for weeks without being watered. Despite them needing very little care, they are very beneficial to have in the home. They release oxygen into the air and keep the air clean and fresh. Be careful though, as snake plants are toxic to cats. They could potentially become ill if they ingest some of the plant.

Another lower maintenance plant is the Boston Fern or “sword fern.” The boston fern is great as a porch plant if your porch does not receive a lot of sunlight. Ferns thrive in the shade and love humidity and lots of water. 

The fiddle leaf fig plant is one of the larger of the house plants. Don’t be intimidated by its large size though. These plants require very little attention. Fiddle leafs do enjoy a lot of indirect sunlight, but they do not need a lot of water. Because of their large size, fiddle leaf figs work very well as corner pieces in common rooms or an office.

The prayer plant is a houseplants that has a unique trick. In the evening, the prayer plant will fold its leaves, which makes it look as if it’s praying. During the day, these plants enjoy a lot of indirect sunlight. They also thrive in higher humidity places.

The Moses-in-the-Cradle is a more versatile houseplant. You can place it either inside or outside as long as it is shielded by the shade. They enjoy only some indirect sunlight. This plant also only requires you to water it when the top inch is dry.

The last house plant we will discuss is the African violet. Again, these plants are not very high maintenance, but they require some unique attention compared to the other houseplants discussed. When watering the African violet, you must water them from the bottom. Simply place your pot of African violets in a tray that has been filled with hot water. Yes, hot water. Watering African violets with hot water will help them bloom much more.

General Houseplant Care

When taking care of your houseplants, there are some general instructions that work for almost every houseplant across the board. Make sure to check how your plants like to be taken care of, because some require special attention.

For watering your plants, there are some things you can mix into the water to provide more nutrients. For every two gallons of water, put a teaspoon of Liquid Seaweed and roughly six drops of soap (ex. Dawn). The Liquid Seaweed contains many ingredients that have a lot of nutritional value for plants, and the soap helps keep away any bugs that might come and try to eat away at your plants.

When taking care of your houseplants, remember to do everything in moderation. Too much or too little care can kill your plants if you’re not careful. But doing your research and following this article can help you feel more confident as you go on your plant journey.